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Our Story

Meaola Baby Founders Samantha and Catherine
It started with a baby. A newborn came into our lives, and everything changed. As we prepared to welcome this new person home, our choices felt so important, from everything that would touch the baby’s skin to how we would carry what we needed to take care of this new life. It was overwhelming.  
When you first become a mother, the importance of your decisions takes on another dimension. So does time. You have less of it and it is stretched in new directions. We started searching for products that we could feel good about using with our new addition but finding these items was easier said than done, and we found ourselves wishing for one place that would provide us with all the products we needed that we could trust and rely on.  
As a mother and daughter becoming partners in business, we were navigating a new world together. We were forming a female-founded and led company with strong goals and beliefs in causing change. Our commitment is to provide non-toxic, organic and sustainable items for our little ones. The choices we make today weigh heavily on tomorrow and we believe quality and safety should be the standard. A healthy future begins with each new generation. 
Mini + Moo has been a work of love, sweat, tears, diaper changes and many cups of coffee. We have grown together as a family and hope to create a community where we can all continue to inspire and learn.  
To parents, from parents, a simple offering of trust and time.